[ros-users] ROS Development Update

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Wed Jan 8 21:38:41 UTC 2014

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to highlight some recent changes that I hope people will find
useful.  Following on the recent new website for ROS,
http://www.ros.org/ (Which
I highly recommend you checkout if you haven't already.) we've been doing
some more housekeeping to make things easier to use on our various

We have updated the CSS styles for the wiki, improving the look and feel
for things like buttons and font spacing. We have also added some new
information to package pages, for example:
http://wiki.ros.org/roscpp_tutorials On this page you will notice the new
badges for "Released", "Continuous Integration", and "Documented". This
should give users more information at a glance for packages which are
documented on the wiki. Additionally, there is now a "Jenkins Jobs" link on
the right hand side "Package Links" box. If you click this it will expand
to list all of the build farm jobs related to this package and their
status. We will add more information to the package pages as we can,
suggestions and pull requests are welcome.

We have also just launched the http://status.ros.org site. This site gives
you an overview of the status of our services as well as some realtime
metrics. This site is hosted externally, so we can communicate outages and
progress on repairs even when our other infrastructure is down. We would
encourage you to follow @rosorg <https://twitter.com/rosorg> or add our RSS
feed/signup for email notifications on the http://status.ros.org site

We're also actively working on preparing for ROS Indigo Igloo. A major part
of this perparation has been preparing for Python 3. If you'd like more
information on that there's a thread on ros-release at code.ros.org
http://lists.ros.org/lurker/message/20131231.003813.311b5072.en.html and we
have recently update REP 3 for Indigo
http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0003.html#indigo-igloo-may-2014 Also in
perparation for turning on the Indigo buildfarm we have removed all Fuerte
jobs from the farm. Fuerte packages will continue to be available however
it will not be possible to build new packages.

While I'm on the topic I'd like to encourage all maintainers to make sure
that they're on the ros-release mailing list to make sure to stay up to
date on release specific information and discussions.

I'd also like to encourage everyone to send announcements and updates on
their projects here to the ros-users mailing list or submit them to
ros-news at googlegroups.com for posting on the ROS Blog. And if you're
blogging about ROS related content submitting your blog to
http://planet.ros.org/ where you can get an RSS feed of ROS related
activities. One of the strengths of ROS is it's large user community
sharing project updates and announcements is a great way to contribute to
the community.

2013 was ROS's strongest years with more and more people releasing packages
against both Groovy and Hydro. The packages available for these distros
have grown to be more than 750 and 850 respectively.

Thank you to everyone who's contributed already and to everyone else I
encourage you to start by making a small contribution such as answering a
question on http://answers.ros.org or updating or extending a wiki page.

Happy New Year!
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