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The roswiki updates are great guys. Especially the new badges and build
links which save having to remember magic links to get to often needed
information about a package.

On 9 January 2014 06:38, Tully Foote <tfoote at osrfoundation.org> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I wanted to highlight some recent changes that I hope people will find
> useful.  Following on the recent new website for ROS, http://www.ros.org/ (Which
> I highly recommend you checkout if you haven't already.) we've been doing
> some more housekeeping to make things easier to use on our various
> websites.
> We have updated the CSS styles for the wiki, improving the look and feel
> for things like buttons and font spacing. We have also added some new
> information to package pages, for example:
> http://wiki.ros.org/roscpp_tutorials On this page you will notice the new
> badges for "Released", "Continuous Integration", and "Documented". This
> should give users more information at a glance for packages which are
> documented on the wiki. Additionally, there is now a "Jenkins Jobs" link on
> the right hand side "Package Links" box. If you click this it will expand
> to list all of the build farm jobs related to this package and their
> status. We will add more information to the package pages as we can,
> suggestions and pull requests are welcome.
> We have also just launched the http://status.ros.org site. This site
> gives you an overview of the status of our services as well as some
> realtime metrics. This site is hosted externally, so we can communicate
> outages and progress on repairs even when our other infrastructure is down.
> We would encourage you to follow @rosorg <https://twitter.com/rosorg> or add
> our RSS feed/signup for email notifications on the http://status.ros.org site
> directly.
> We're also actively working on preparing for ROS Indigo Igloo. A major
> part of this perparation has been preparing for Python 3. If you'd like
> more information on that there's a thread on ros-release at code.ros.org
> http://lists.ros.org/lurker/message/20131231.003813.311b5072.en.html and
> we have recently update REP 3 for Indigo
> http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0003.html#indigo-igloo-may-2014 Also in
> perparation for turning on the Indigo buildfarm we have removed all Fuerte
> jobs from the farm. Fuerte packages will continue to be available however
> it will not be possible to build new packages.
> While I'm on the topic I'd like to encourage all maintainers to make sure
> that they're on the ros-release mailing list to make sure to stay up to
> date on release specific information and discussions.
> I'd also like to encourage everyone to send announcements and updates on
> their projects here to the ros-users mailing list or submit them to
> ros-news at googlegroups.com for posting on the ROS Blog. And if you're
> blogging about ROS related content submitting your blog to
> http://planet.ros.org/ where you can get an RSS feed of ROS related
> activities. One of the strengths of ROS is it's large user community
> sharing project updates and announcements is a great way to contribute to
> the community.
> 2013 was ROS's strongest years with more and more people releasing
> packages against both Groovy and Hydro. The packages available for these
> distros have grown to be more than 750 and 850 respectively.
> Thank you to everyone who's contributed already and to everyone else I
> encourage you to start by making a small contribution such as answering a
> question on http://answers.ros.org or updating or extending a wiki page.
> Happy New Year!
> Tully
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