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Sat Jan 18 04:41:26 UTC 2014

Thanks for doing this Austin.

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 10:26 PM, Austin Hendrix <legotown at aol.com> wrote:

> Hey all, just a quick update about ROS for ARM:
> 1) The repository has moved. Now that Willow Garage is no longer hosting
> packages.ros.org, I had to find a new location to host my ARM repository.
> Debs are now available at http://packages.namniart.com/repos/ros . This
> goes along with a new repository key:
> http://packages.namniart.com/repos/namniart.key
> 2) I’m now building a custom branch of ros_comm that doesn’t depend on
> lisp, so installing packages should be much easier.
> 3) I’ve upgraded the capacity of the build farm pretty significantly, so
> I’m now able to support more versions of Ubuntu. I currently have builds of
> Hydro for Precise (12.04), Quantal (12.10) and Raring (13.04), and builds
> of Groovy for Precise and Quantal.
> 4) The build status pages have moved as well: Hydro status is at
> http://packages.namniart.com/repos/status/hydro.html and Groovy status is
> at http://packages.namniart.com/repos/status/groovy.html
> 5) I’ve updated the installation guide on the wiki, and added a section
> listed supported platforms. If these debs works on your platform, please
> list it! http://wiki.ros.org/hydro/Installation/UbuntuARM
> Happy Robots!
> -Austin
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