[ros-users] Yujin Robot's internship program kick-off

Marcus Liebhardt marcus.liebhardt at yujinrobot.com
Tue Jan 21 03:58:44 UTC 2014

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce the start of Yujin Robot's internship program
inviting both locals and internationals.

Currently we have three openings in the areas of driver and application
development for embedded Linux and web-based collaboration framework
development (related with ROCON [1]). Check out the recruitment section on
Yujin Robot's website [2] for more information about each available
position and how to apply.

Don't miss the chance to get real-life experience in robotics and robot
service development!

Your Yujin Roboticists

[1] http://www.robotconcert.org/
[2] http://yujinrobot.com/eng/?page_id=2628&mod=document&uid=2

Innovation Team Leader
Yujin Robot
주소: 대한민국 서울시 금천구 가산동 345-30 남성프라자 #601, 153-023.
Address: Door #601, Namsung-Plaza, 345-30 Gasan-dong, Guemcheon-gu, Seoul,
153-023, Republic of Korea
Website: http://inno.yujinrobot.com
Email: marcus.liebhardt at yujinrobot.com
Phone: +82-70-46577073
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