[ros-users] PointCloud2 Iterator

Vincent Rabaud vincent.rabaud at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 22:11:46 UTC 2014

Hi all, I made a pull request to have a sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 iterator

I was asked to ask the community's opinion as it can have some impact if
you deal with point clouds:
- first, if all you do is read/write point clouds, you could drop the PCL
dependency and use that iterator. This is the use case we have in half the
packages depending on PCL in Hydro (I have PR requests ready for those,
like image_pipeline)
- second, if, in the future, that iterator is the only interface used for
read/write, we could transparently change how the standard point clouds
(with XYZ and/or RGB(A)) are sent by removing the extra memory paddings.
XYZ point clouds would be 3/4th of their size, and XYZRGB(A) ones, half.

We wanted to make sure we're not missing anything so if you have any
feedback, please continue the discussion in the PR. Thx.

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