[ros-users] Ubuntu ARM deb update

Tommy Persson tommy.persson at liu.se
Fri Jan 24 22:16:31 UTC 2014

On 01/18/2014 05:26 AM, Austin Hendrix wrote:
> Hey all, just a quick update about ROS for ARM:

> 3) I’ve upgraded the capacity of the build farm pretty significantly, so
> I’m now able to support more versions of Ubuntu. I currently have builds
> of Hydro for Precise (12.04), Quantal (12.10) and Raring (13.04), and
> builds of Groovy for Precise and Quantal.

Thanks for this. What is the best place to ask question about this 
distribution? Is it really ros answers?

I was hoping to be able to use precise but I see that ros-hydro-pcl-ros 
is not built on Precice but it is build on Raring. Will this be fixed? 
Or do I have to use Raring?

/Tommy Persson
Linköping University

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