[ros-users] RosJava & Android on Hydro

Daniel Stonier d.stonier at gmail.com
Sat Jan 25 17:08:13 UTC 2014

Hi all,

A quick javaland update. I know quite a few people have already dived in
early with rosjava on hydro even though it hasn't actually bleeped on the
ros news radar yet.

This is finally that bleep to say that we're reasonably happy (and using it
ourselves fairly actively) with the current state of the rosjava/android
build environment for hydro and we'll endeavour to keep it stable 'as is'
(apart from bugfixes) for the remainder of the hydro release.

So what is in the box?


   - *Partially Catkinized* - each gradle super project is a catkin package
      - You can now do entire workspace builds and CI with one command
   - *Ros Gradle Plugins*: take alot of the repitition out of the
   build.gradle files
   - *Debs* - you no longer need to build every stack to build your own
   - *A Maven Repo* - you don't even need ros to access/build with the
   rosjava jars, just point to our maven repo on github.
   - *Messages* - each package now compiles into its own jar (no superblob)


   - *Android Studio/Gradle* - uses the new adt build environment from
      - IDE/Command Line/CI are now all compatible
   - *AAR's* : takes advantage of the new .aar's for android libraries
   - *Partially Catkinized* : can do entire workspace builds on these too.
      - with .aar's we can really scale up now
   - *A Maven Repo* : just point to this instead of having to build
      - don't need to build any sources to build your single application

Places to look for documentation are at:

   - http://wiki.ros.org/rosjava - general/ros/catkin information
   - http://wiki.ros.org/android
   - https://github.com/rosjava/rosjava_core - more java oriented

And join us on the rosjava sig google
group<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ros-sig-java> for


PS A big thank you to Damon Kohler for assisting us in getting rosjava in
better shape for hydro and also to the users who endured alot of rapid
changes and gave great feedback early in the upgrade.

PPS What's coming for igloo? Expect a true rosjava message
generator...somewhat awkwardly compiling rosjava messages is very quickly
reaching an annoying threshold of unbearably biblical proportions!
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