[ros-users] Recompile Stock Package

Constantin Savtchenko csavtche at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 17:11:59 UTC 2014

All, I am attempting to add some code out of personal interest to
fake_localization. I have:

1) Downloaded the source
2) Adjusted my $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH to first point to my fake_localization
instead of the /opt/ros/hydro - roscd fake_localization takes me to my
3) rosmake fake_localization      = complains about ROS_NOBUILD
4) find /opt/ros -iname '*ROS_NOBUILD*'
5) find /home/me/workspace -iname '*ROS_NOBUILD*'

There are no ROS_NOBUILD files anywhere. I can't find any documentation
explaining where else ROS_NOBUILD would exist. Or any instructions on how
to recompile the supplied packages from source. Could anyone offer any
advice? Thank you.

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