[ros-users] Data Engineer and Interns Wanted at Quanergy!

Ryan Thompson ryan3thompson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 19:05:27 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

We've got a Data Engineer position open at Quanergy as well as several
internship opportunities that interact more directly with ROS.


Quanergy is a Silicon-Valley-based startup developing smart sensing
solutions for real-time 3D mapping and object detection, tracking, and
classification. We’re a small company run by engineers, dedicated to
building next-generation LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles and
advanced driver assistance systems. By joining our team at this point,
you’ll play a key role in the development of our company, not just our
software. We’re looking for someone extremely bright, driven, a great
communicator and explainer, and just as passionate about the future of
transportation, perception, and mapping as we are!

The Data Engineer is responsible for our core data infrastructure, both
locally and in the cloud. With each vehicle on the road collecting many
gigabytes of data per day, the system must be robust and scalable. Data
transfer, storage, compression, access, and updates are all part of the
core platform, which the Data Engineer will design and implement in
conjunction with the rest of the software team.


   - Design and implement our server infrastructure for transferring,
   storing, updating, and accessing large quantities of data from a
   distributed vehicle system
   - Maintain our local and cloud server infrastructure
   - Design and implement data storage and compression formats
   - Work with the rest of the software team to provide fast, efficient,
   and reliable access to stored data
   - Implement communication over wifi/cellular data link between vehicles
   and server infrastructure
   - Continue to improve system architecture for scalability as the company
   and data grow

The ideal candidate:

   - Enjoys the challenge of building a system from the ground up
   - Possesses a strong mathematical foundation
   - Expert in AWS or other cloud computing services
   - Experienced in database management for petabytes of data
   - C++ developer or experienced in interfacing with C++ production code
   and APIs
   - Expertise in several of SQL, Redis, Hadoop, Hive, Python, PHP, Java,
   Ruby, Javascript, etc
   - Expert in Linux
   - Experience with embedded system programming and networking
   - Interest in artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and/or robotics
   - Willingness and ability to tackle problems outside his/her areas of
   - BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a
   related field

Please include a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and
your relevant experience with your resume. Email ryan.thompson at quanergy.com
or apply online at Stack Overflow:

We offer competitive Silicon Valley salaries and equity and are centrally
located near the Sunnyvale Caltrain, Central Expressway, 101, and 237.


We're looking to host several interns this summer to work on a variety of
projects for our sensor integration, registration/mapping/localization,
perception, and pilot driver assistance program teams.

Here are some of the sample projects we have in mind:

   - Develop a robust visualization system that can handle raw LiDAR data,
   processed data, and visual cues for drivers and seamlessly switch between
   them. We are looking to transition away from rviz
   - Write a sensor controller that communicates over Ethernet with our
   LiDAR sensor and adjusts sensor settings and can perform firmware updates
   - Decode CAN bus data from several vehicles and integrate it into our
   data stream and Kalman filters
   - Perform algorithm and code optimization to improve performance of core
   realtime functions (for x86-64 and ARM architectures) as well as offline
   workstation data processing and map-building
   - Use CUDA to perform GPU acceleration of both realtime and offline data
   processing in our perception, mapping, and localization modules
   - Assist the Data Engineer in developing map and data storage formats
   and the largescale processing of stored data

We are looking for people who are fluent in C++ and Linux and have ROS
experience. Experience working with PCL and LiDAR is a bonus.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in working on for 2-6
months, please email me at ryan.thompson at quanergy.com with your resume and
a cover letter describing your experience, your interest in artificial
intelligence, robots, and/or transportation, and which of the projects are
most appealing to you.


Ryan Thompson

Director, Software Development
Quanergy Systems, Inc.

ryan.thompson at quanergy.com
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