[ros-users] A Multithreaded alternative to ROS Multi Master

Ganesh Kumar gpkumar at asu.edu
Fri Mar 7 20:19:28 UTC 2014


Consider a simulation of multiple robots in gazebo, using a single ROS
Master. To get this robot team to accomplish specific tasks in a
decentralized way, I need to get them to implement specific distributed
algorithms - for example, leader election and consensus.

I am considering developing a ROS Package that implements some of these
algorithms using multithreading. Each robot in the robot has a thread, so
that the system as a whole is multithreaded. This is in lieu of the
multiple processes that are used in the distributed computing literature.

I intend this to be a simpler alternative to ROS Multimaster for simulating
a robot team. And perhaps, the same kind of algorithms could be used for
Multiple masters to coordinate among themselves.
I wonder if any one has any general comments on this? How useful would such
an exercise be?

Ganesh P Kumar
Arizona State University
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