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Ryan Thompson ryan3thompson at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 18:34:31 UTC 2014

Software Engineer at Exciting 3D Mapping Startup

Quanergy is a Silicon-Valley-based startup developing smart sensing
solutions for real-time 3D mapping and object detection, tracking, and
classification. We're a small company run by engineers, dedicated to
building next-generation LiDAR technology for autonomous vehicles and
advanced driver assistance systems. By joining our team at this point,
you'll play a key role in the development of our company, not just our
software. We're looking for someone extremely bright, driven, a great
communicator and explainer, and just as passionate about the future of
transportation and perception as we are!

Job Description:

The Software Engineer at Quanergy will be responsible for designing,
developing, and maintaining our map data structure and access system and
parallelizing localization with a GPU, all based on point cloud data
generated by our next-generation LiDAR sensors. She will work closely with
co-workers to test and optimize code for real-time application on the
embedded CPU and GPU. He will keep current with the latest research and
advances in the field, help shape the direction of software side of the
company, and contribute to the sensor integration, mapping, and perception
efforts of the software team.



   B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a
   related field

   Fluency in C++ and Linux

   CUDA (or OpenGL) expertise

   Strong mathematical foundation

   Willingness and ability to tackle problems outside his/her areas of

   Academic or professional experience in at least one of: Robotics,
   Parallel Programming, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Game Development



   ROS and/or PCL familiarity

   Experience with optimization for real-time computing


   Able to start immediately


Quanergy offers very competitive Silicon Valley salaries and equity.


Email ryan.thompson at quanergy.com for more information. To apply, email with
a resumé and cover letter, or apply on Stack Overflow:
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