[ros-users] Tutorial on writing a global path planner plugin in ROS

Anis Koubaa (COINS) akoubaa at coins-lab.org
Mon Mar 31 04:28:04 UTC 2014


I have written a tutorial showing the different steps to add a new global
path planner as plugin in ROS and how to run this created plugin in
This will make it easier for ROS users to follow this single tutorial rather
than going through the different tutorials on plugin and global path
planners. Indeed, we are working in the iroboapp project on designing new
global path planners (different A* and Dijkstra variants, ACO, Genetic
Algorithm, hybrid approaches) for large scale grid maps, and currently we
are working on integrating these global planners as plugins in ROS nav_core.
I though that this might be useful for ROS community, so I share it.
If you have suggestions/comments about this tutorial, please let me know.


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