[ros-users] LazeeEye: Turn Your Smartphone Into a 3D Camera

Martin Peris info at martinperis.com
Fri May 2 01:14:33 UTC 2014

Hi Michael,

Thanks for bringing this into our attention, very exciting indeed.

I was just wondering, what are you going to do about the patent of that
technology? Three-dimensional mapping and imaging by projection of
monochromatic optical radiation pattern is patented by PrimeSense Ltd. and
recently acquired by Apple. If you are successful, I would expect a lawsuit
from Apple.

Best regards,

2014-04-30 10:20 GMT+09:00 Michael Carroll <carroll.michael at gmail.com>:

> Greetings fellow ROS users!
> I'm writing to make you aware of an exciting new Kickstarter project, the
> "LazeeEye": http://kck.st/1gVCcrB
> LazeeEye takes your existing smartphone and turns it into a depth camera
> using laser illuminator hardware and a stereo vision processing app.
> The goal is to produce hardware and software that can bring 3D perception
> to devices that have low-power/low-weight processing and a high-resolution,
> such as what you would find in your smartphone.
> You as a ROS user can be particularly excited about using your existing
> smartphone in robotics applications. In fact, the inspiration for the
> LazeeEye was for lightweight aerial robots, where we were constrained by
> the redundancy, inefficiency, cost, and lack of portability of existing 3D
> sensors.
> For more information, or to consider supporting the project, please check
> out the Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/1gVCcrB, and don't hesitate to
> spread the word!
> Thanks,
> Michael Carroll
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