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Stefano Michieletto michieletto at dei.unipd.it
Thu May 15 17:27:19 UTC 2014

***** EXTENDED SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 25, 2014 *****

IAS-13 - Workshop on ROS-Industrial in European Research Projects
co-located with the IAS-13 Conference on Autonomous Systems, Padua, Italy,
July 15-19, 2014

Workshop Website:

Conference Website:

The goal of this workshop is to
* obtain a comprehensive list of active public funded research projects
using ROS(-Industrial)
* obtain a list of ROS-Industrial use cases (and their current / targeted
TRLs) in these research projects
* identify key technical developments related to ROS-Industrial in European
* identify possible synergies of the ROS-Industrial related developments
between these projects and the ROS-Industrial Consortia

Important Dates
Submission deadline:            May 25, 2014 (EXTENDED)
Acceptance notification:        May 30, 2014
Workshop date:                  July 15, 2014

Call for Contribution
What is being established in research is more and more adopted by industry:
the open source "Robot Operating System" ROS offers highly developed
robotics software components which can be used in flexible industrial
applications. Transferring these capabilities to industrial platforms could
revolutionize robotic manufacturing.

Although ROS promises a huge potential, there are still some drawbacks in
comparison to established proprietary industrial software: e.g., little
long-term evaluations of ROS on shop floors with respect to non-functional
requirements like robustness, safety and dependability.

The ROS-Industrial initiative founded in 2012 by Southwest Research
Institute, aims at eliminating these drawbacks and tap the full potential
of ROS for industrial robotics. The North American ROS Industrial
Consortium was kick-started in March 2013 to identify and prioritize
ROS-Industrial capabilities for industrial robotics and automation as
defined by the user community to address its current and future
applications problems. Furthermore, ROS-Industrial use cases are
implemented in so-called focused technical projects.

While the European ROS-Industrial consortium is still in its foundation,
ROS is already used in many European Research projects related to the
industrial domain (e.g. in the factories of the future calls). The goal of
this workshop is to collect data and exchange experiences on the
application of ROS in European Research Projects, in particular in the
Factories of the Future (FoF) and ICT programmes.

The programme will feature presentations of submission selected by the
workshop organizers and invited speakers. Both academic and industrial
participants are welcome to submit short abstracts of ROS-Industrial
related research projects.

The abstracts should include:

    * Title of research project
    * Call target
    * Duration
    * Description of project idea and objectives
    * Description of industrial use case (to be) solved with
    * Contribution to ROS-Industrial technical roadmap

Workshop Organizers
    * Ulrich Reiser, Fraunhofer IPA
    * Stefano Michieletto, University of Padova

For general information please send an e-mail to
ulrich.reiser at ipa.fraunhofer.de
michieletto at dei.unipd.it


Stefano Michieletto, PhD

Intelligent Autonomous Systems Lab (IAS-Lab)
Department of Information Engineering (DEI)
Faculty of Engineering, The University of Padua
Via Ognissanti 72, I-35129 Padova, Italy

email: stefano.michieletto at dei.unipd.it
phone: +390498277833
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