[ros-users] ROS versioning & wiki structure

Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Sun Nov 23 15:55:46 UTC 2014

+1 for the idea of relegating old content to a history museum to reduce 

There can be other transitions in a package's life which change it so 
dramatically that it's not worth maintaining the previous content. 
However, the previous version is still there - in the version history.  
Perhaps there could be a  macro that let's an author refer to a history 
tag and display a message something like "The version of this page prior 
to <XYZ> his <here>, where <XYZ> could be "catkin" or "groovy" or "API 
version 2.0" or "new-sensor-version" etc. etc. This could work for 
tutorial pages too.

Paul Bouchier

On 11/22/2014 08:24 PM, Rud Merriam wrote:
> As someone new to ROS I find it very frustrating to have the 
> pre-catkin documentation in the Wiki.
> I would suggest you quickly move the pre-catkin material to a separate 
> Wiki for those still using those versions. Then begin a rolling update 
> system for new releases. You might keep three release in the main Wiki 
> while rolling previous releases into a historical Wiki separate from 
> the pre-catkin Wiki. That might entail too much work, I realize. Maybe 
> a diff/merge through a version control system would work? I suggest 
> that anyone working with versions 3 years out of date probably can 
> figure out the documentation even if it is not perfect.
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