[ros-users] Monitoring /diagnostics and /diagnostics_agg topics

Felipe Roman roman.felipe at gmail.com
Sat Oct 18 18:38:37 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I am working on a monitoring tool for monitor multiple robots running ROS.
The tool is working fine and I already tested using two real turtlebot

The next step I am planning to do is to monitor a large number of robots.

I tried to use gazebo for simulate robots and it worked. I tested all
avaiable robots on gazebo and the only one that publishes information on
the  /diagnostics and /diagnostics_agg topics was the PR2.
Also gazebo requires a lot of computer resources to simulate each robot.

Has anyone have any idea how to simulate more robots publishing diagnostic
information ?

I am wondering if create a python script for publish "random" information
on the /diagnostics and /diagnostics_agg topics is a good solution or there
is other ways to do the same.

I am looking few examples on how to publish on diagnostic topic in python


Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,
Felipe Roman
Phone 55 51 8454 8110
LinkedIn http://au.linkedin.com/in/feliperoman
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