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Geoffrey Biggs geoffrey.biggs at aist.go.jp
Fri Sep 5 03:11:50 UTC 2014

Although the answers site has a tags system, perhaps we can put it to work
when a user posts a question? The site could do some processing on the tags
and, when it finds a particular tag, display a message to the user and ask
if they really want to post the question. For example, if the user
specifies the "moveit" tag, a message can be displayed explaining where the
primary source of MoveIt! help is, and asking if the user still wants to
post the question to answers.ros.org.


On 5 September 2014 12:00, Dave Coleman <davetcoleman at gmail.com> wrote:

> Instead of hijacking Tully's 2014 Metrics Report thread I've renamed this
> thread to comment on David's question :-)
> This is just one aspect of the issue, but I see on answers.ros.org there
> are a lot of questions about MoveIt!, many of which are unanswered.
> Although MoveIt! is a major component of ROS, there is a schism as to where
> questions are answered. MoveIt!'s main discussion area is the user
> mailing list <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/moveit-users/join>,
> secondary is Github issues, but also there are the answers.ros.org
> questions. Instructions for how to get MoveIt! support are here
> <http://moveit.ros.org/support/>, but I understand why some users are
> confused.
> I imagine there are similar divisions with projects like PCL and Gazebo.
> Perhaps we should do something to help users understand the scope of these
> various avenues of discussion.
> dave coleman
> On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 3:19 PM, David Lu!! <davidlu at wustl.edu> wrote:
>> Thanks for putting together the report, Tully.
>> One additional metric that has gone up over the past four years is the
>> percentage of questions on answers.ros.org that have gone unanswered.
>> I've attached a graph with the numbers from the past reports. We've
>> steadily grown from 13% in 2011 to 32% now.
>> I'd be interested in seeing additional numbers on what kinds of questions
>> get answered or not. Do power users get more of their questions answered?
>> Are certain tags more answered? (I swear I'll get to your navigation
>> questions soon).
>> There's the bigger question of what we as a community can do to get more
>> questions marked as resolved. The answer is most likely somewhere between
>> answering more questions and making sure questions are marked as resolved
>> (if they are). Maybe September 19th is "Answer ROS Questions Like A Pirate
>> Day".
>> -David
>> P.S. For those who have never heard of it:
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Talk_Like_a_Pirate_Day
>> P.P.S. I realize the irony of complaining about questions not being
>> answered by asking additional questions.
>> On Thu, Sep 4, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Tully Foote <tfoote at osrfoundation.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> The 2014 edition of the ROS Metrics Report is now posted at:
>>> http://download.ros.org/downloads/metrics/metrics-report-2014-07.pdf
>>> This is the 4th version of the ROS Metrics report. All are versions are
>>> available at: http://wiki.ros.org/Metrics
>>> The ROS community has grown in almost every metric. The one exception is
>>> that the number of wiki pages has dropped. This is due to a concerted
>>> cleanup effort earlier this year which removed a lot of empty pages with
>>> little to no content.
>>> The other metric which warrants note is the large growth in the number
>>> of unique IPs per month, up to 49,153 from last years sampling of 11,078.
>>>  And the total downloads of packages more than doubled to 3,570,374
>>> downloads.
>>> And all of these numbers do not count the any statistics for mirrors
>>> either private or public. [1]
>>> If you have a moment we recommend you take a look. There are many
>>> interesting statistics such as ROS users by country and the top 40 most
>>> downloaded packages.
>>> Related to this look for more information on the ROS ecosystem from
>>> William Curran's talk next week at ROSCon 2014.  [2]
>>> Tully
>>> [1] http://wiki.ros.org/Mirrors
>>> [2] http://roscon.ros.org/2014/program/
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