[ros-users] Simple script to install the ROS indigo

Séverin Lemaignan severin.lemaignan at epfl.ch
Fri Sep 5 15:46:30 UTC 2014

On 05/09/14 16:31, Walter "Myzhar" Lucetti wrote:
> I'm going to install Indingo on the NVidia Jetson TK1

To install ROS from source on non Debian-based systems (Yoonseok Pyo requires apt as far as I see) and without having to struggle too much with dependencies, we have been very successful with robotpkg [1].

1. follow the install procedure (should take ~2min): http://robotpkg.openrobots.org/install.html
2. cd robotpkg/meta-packages/ros-base && make update

robotpkg will tell you what are the system dependencies that need to be installed separately, and will download/compile/install all the other packages.


[1] http://robotpkg.openrobots.org/

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