[ros-users] Gazebo 6 tutorial review

Steven Peters scpeters at osrfoundation.org
Wed Aug 19 00:11:37 UTC 2015

Dear ROS users,

Gazebo 6 was released recently, and the Gazebo team at OSRF has a tradition
of testing the tutorials for each new major release.

For this release, we would like to invite the community to join us tomorrow
(Wednesday August 19) to test these tutorials. We will coordinate the
activity through a Google Spreadsheet that has links to all the tutorials
and space to indicate whether the tutorial is working properly or provide
links to bitbucket issues or pull requests.

Also, we will be active on the gazebo channel of the rosorg slack account
for discussions and questions.
(use the following link to sign up for rosorg.slack.com
https://ros-org-slack.herokuapp.com/ )

Steve Peters
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