[ros-users] Laser Scan Matchers - release

Isaac Isao Saito-Yanagisawa 130s at 2000.jukuin.keio.ac.jp
Fri Dec 18 00:49:49 UTC 2015

Hello ROS walkers,

CCNY's laser-related utility, scan_tools[1], has been in source space
for 5 years since ROS Electric episode. Now it strikes back in the
binary galaxy!

Please see REAME for the installation.

**Those who build from source** are advised to adjust to the way
suggested in README above; recent work changed the way how one of the
depended libraries gets built (*1).

Credit goes to Kei Okada, Carlos Jaramillo for release work, Andrea
Censi for providing help for his CSM library, and Ivan Dryanovski for
the original creation of these ROS packages.


*1...To build one of the included package, laser_scan_matcher[2], its
dependency CSM[3] used to be downloaded and built during the build
time. Upon a trial to conform to ROS buildfarm usage, it's now
separated and released as a "3rd party package"[4].

[1] http://wiki.ros.org/scan_tools
[2] http://wiki.ros.org/laser_scan_matcher
[3] http://wiki.ros.org/csm
[4] http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0136.html

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:44 PM, Ivan Dryanovski
<ivan.dryanovski at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear ROS-Users,
> The CCNY Robotics Lab is pleased to announce the release of two
> packages for laser scan registration. canonical_scan_matcher is a
> wrapper around Andrea Censi's "Canonical Scan Matcher" [1].
> polar_scan_matching is a wrapper around Albert Diosi's "Polar Scan
> Matching" [2].
> Both packages estimate the displacement of a robot by comparing
> consecutive Laser Scan messages. They can be used without providing
> any estimate for the displacement of the robot between the scans. In
> this way, they can serve as an odometric estimate for robots that
> don't have any other odometric system. Alternatively, a displacement
> estimate can be provided as input to the scan matchers, in the form of
> an Imu message or a tf transform, in order to produce better (or
> faster) scan matching results.
> While the two scan matchers use different algorithms and parameters,
> the ROS wrappers are identical in terms of topics/frames/tf's, making
> the two packages interchangeable.
> Documentation and usage instructions can be found at the respective wiki pages:
>  * http://www.ros.org/wiki/canonical_scan_matcher
>  * http://www.ros.org/wiki/polar_scan_matcher
> As usual, we have provided a small demo bag file with laser data and a
> launch file that can be used to view the packages in action. Each wiki
> page also has a video of what the output of the demo should look like.
> We hope you find the scan matchers useful, and we extend our thanks to
> the authors of the original implementations.
> Ivan Dryanovski
> William Morris
> The CCNY Robotics Lab
> http://robotics.ccny.cuny.edu
> [1] A. Censi, "An ICP variant using a point-to-line metric"
> Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and
> Automation (ICRA), 2008
> [2] A. Diosi and L. Kleeman, "Laser Scan Matching in Polar Coordinates
> with Application to SLAM " Proceedings of 2005 IEEE/RSJ International
> Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, August, 2005, Edmonton,
> Canada
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