[ros-users] Any guideline or template for ROScon proposal?

Brian Gerkey gerkey at osrfoundation.org
Mon Jun 29 16:14:35 UTC 2015

Just to add to Tully's guidance: give us enough information in your
proposal to understand what you'll be presenting and why it's
important.  We're not expecting a ROSCon proposal to contain all of
the presentation content, and certainly not the slides.  We want a
short narrative explanation of what you're proposing to present.
ROSCon proposals are usually 1-3 pages in length.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 12:00 AM, Tully Foote via ros-users
<ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:
> Hi Winston,
> Please stick to the described format. You should link to additional
> resources, but your proposal should be standalone such that the reviewers of
> your proposal can evaluate it based only on the proposal.
> For general guidance on writing talk proposals here's a list of resources I
> found.
> https://benramsey.com/blog/2012/11/writing-an-effective-talk-proposal/
> https://www.usenix.org/blog/how-write-talk-proposal
> http://www.noelrappin.com/railsrx/2014/1/18/conference-prompts-or-how-to-submit-proposals-and-influence-people
> http://www.noelrappin.com/railsrx/2014/3/17/what-i-learned-from-reading-429-conference-proposals
> http://www.sarahmei.com/blog/2014/04/07/what-your-conference-proposal-is-missing/
> http://weareallaweso.me/for_speakers/how-to-write-a-compelling-proposal.html
> Tully
> On Sat, Jun 27, 2015 at 4:59 AM, WinstonYao via ros-users
> <ros-users at lists.ros.org> wrote:
>> Hi all!
>>     I have done some work on ROS and Gazebo and in order to give back to
>> the community, I am glad to write a proposal to the coming ROScon. But sorry
>> that it is my first time to write a session proposal so I want to ask for
>> any guideline, format requirements or template of the proposal. In the
>> official website of ROScon, it states that:
>> A session proposal should include:
>>     Title
>>     Recommended duration: Short (~20 minutes) or Long (~45 minutes)
>>     Summary, 100 word max (to be used in advertising the session)
>>     Description (for review purposes): outline, goals (what will the
>> audience learn?), pointers to packages to be discussed (500 Words Maximum)
>> I just wonder, besides those items stated above, whether I should add
>> extra content to the proposal or not. I will appreciate any suggestion.
>> Winston Yao
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