[ros-users] Request for comments on PR for REP 142

Ruffin White ruffin at osrfoundation.org
Thu May 14 21:47:57 UTC 2015

In the processes walking through package dependencies for Indigo, its come
to our attention that the tutorial packages in ros_core, ros_base and robot
meta packages are introducing some GUI dependencies which were not

Therefore I am proposing to move some tutorial packages that are the source
of the GUI dependencies into ros_desktop to elevate this issue.

If you are interested in this REP please have a close look and vote or
comment on the pull request:

This came up as we are currently working to create official repo on
DockerHub for ros images, the X11 dependencies were flagged by docker
maintainers and as it's incompatible with our description of the meta
packages. We'd like to make this consistent.

Thank you,
- Ruffin
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