[ros-users] looking to port ROS to new robotics platform

Ryan L. Cousins cousins at krtkl.com
Sat May 30 18:17:01 UTC 2015


New ROS user here... We're developing an advanced (and low-cost) robot control platform and looking for folks interested in trying out some Alpha hardware and helping us get ROS, et al. ported to the hardware. We’d also love to get some feedback on the design/concept and ways to improve it further.

We are working on being able to provide free access to some pro-level tools as well so numbers will likely be limited in the early days. If you're interested in diving in and working with some high-end ARM and FPGA components, check us out/let me know and I can provide more details. We’re launching on Kickstarter later this year so be sure to sign up for our mailing list!


www.krtkl.com <http://www.krtkl.com/> (new website coming shortly)
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