[ros-users] [News] Feature Ranking For Flexible Robotic Systems - Final Reminder

Rasmus Hasle Andersen raha at teknologisk.dk
Tue Oct 6 20:00:28 UTC 2015

Dear ROS Community,

I just want to remind you of the opportunity to participate in a survey 
on Features For Flexible Robotic Systems --- The final deadline is 
October 31st.

Many of you already participated in our survey - Thank you!

Please go to www.1000minds.com/go/dti and state your preferences for 
robotic systems – in flexible manufacturing scenarios.

-- See details below --

In recent years, much effort has been spent on robotic systems for 
flexible production environments, specifically aimed at the Small and 
Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. There is a general consensus that 
reconfigurability, adaptability and intuitive reprogramming are 
necessary features – but which features are the most important for such 

Must such systems automatically adapt to (minor) changes in the 
productions, enable fast reconfiguration by experts, or should the 
instruction/programming be possible for non-skilled users?

As part of current research at the Danish Technological Institute, we 
are investigating just this: which features are the most important for 
such flexible robotic systems?

Follow this link to sign up for participation:

We are asking you to rank features of such flexible robotic systems 
through the survey. Participants are asked to rank the following system 
features based on the main question:

Which of the following features would you prefer in a robotic system for 
flexible manufacturing in low-volume scenarios?
(Assuming they are identical on all other parameters…)

    · The system allows existing personnel easily to adapt it to changes 
in production.
    · The system enables fast instruction of new processes by existing 
    · The system interaction interface can be used to control and 
configure many different units (different robots, sensors, actuators, etc.).
    · The system can automatically adjust to changes in the production 
    · The system facilitates fast changeover between existing processes 
already programmed in the system.
    · The system enables the same hardware and/or software to be reused 
for different tasks/processes.
    · The system enables fast reconfiguration of hardware and software 
to accommodate new processes.
    · The system enables fast integration of sensors, actuators and 
other units (cameras, distance sensors, robots, fixtures etc.)
    · New functionality can easily be integrated into an existing system.
    · The system is controllable from a multitude of devices (PC, 
tablet, smartphones, etc.)
    · The system is controllable from a single device.

Please distribute this request for participation within your, to help 
gather as much usable information as possible. Further details on the 
survey is available at www.dti.dk/robotic_survey

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 
raha at dti.dk.

Best regards,

Rasmus Hasle Andersen

Industrial Researcher
Robot Technology
Mobile +45 72 20 18 64
raha at teknologisk.dk

Danish Technological Institute
Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense

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