[ros-users] Control - From simulation to real-world

Bobby karma0 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 18:12:19 UTC 2015


Does anyone have any recommendations on the development process for tuning
a PID in simulation versus in reality, and what the process might look like
in transferral between the two?

The current project is an inverted pendulum, and while I've got the
hardware lined out, specs included, I don't want to destroy my equipment
trying to tune the PID.  If there's a way that I could do this with a
simulation, and then migrate the algorithms/tunings over, that would be
very helpful in terms of time and expenses.

I do understand though that simulation and realworld aren't 1:1, and so it
is with that that I ask if anyone has any good ideas or an established
process that works well for this?


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