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Tutorial contributions are always welcome.  When I was learning how to use ROS and OpenCV, I looked at all the packages that use CvBridge (http://wiki.ros.org/cv_bridge/Tutorials).  By clicking on the “Used by” link, you can find several example packages that illustrate simple image processing (ex; http://wiki.ros.org/image_rotate  ).

FYI…there are also tutorials for CvBridge (http://wiki.ros.org/cv_bridge/Tutorials ).  However, I feel that the existing tutorial cover the usage of CvBridge quite nicely.

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Hi all,

I was thinking of writing up a tutorial on a bare bones image processing catkin package to serve as an minimal, but fully functional, example for people new to using ROS, opencv, and image streams.

I'm having trouble, however, deciding where the best place would be to post such a tutorial - where do you think it would belong?


- Floris

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