[ros-users] wstool/rosws updates

kruset kruset at mail.in.tum.de
Sat Sep 12 09:38:26 UTC 2015

Hi all,

the latest release of wstool (1.6 -> 1.9.1) provides some minor 
improvements I'd like to advertise.

- 'wstool info' provides more information about (git) branches and 
remote state
- There is a new 'wstool foreach' sub-command that allows to execute 
shell scripts inside all or selected repositories (similar to vcstool's 
'custom' command)
- manpages and bash/zsh completion scripts are also packaged
- 'wstool set ... --update' updates new / changed repositories

Thanks to Kentaro Wada for the initiative and coding effort.

The complete changelog is available at

Report any issues to https://github.com/vcstools/wstool/issues


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