[ros-users] nimbro_network: Multi-master ROS network solution

Tommy Persson tommy.persson at liu.se
Wed Sep 23 09:34:29 UTC 2015

On 2015-09-22 18:51, Mike Purvis via ros-users wrote:
>     No, tf is copied across as it is. Also, our system has no message
>     introspection capabilities, so changing fields inside a message would be
>     difficult. Our policy so far has been to avoid TF name clashes
>     across all
>     systems. This is certainly annoying in multi-robot scenarios, but I
>     haven't
>     seen a nice, completely robust solution yet.
> Hugely annoying, yes. The gold standard for ROS multimaster is
> definitely when each individual robot looks exactly like a
> non-multimaster robot, and can be added to the multimaster system with
> no modifications to its underlying launchfiles, topics, diagnostic
> outputs, TF frames, etc. But that obviously requires some sophistication
> at the robot boundary to handle translation. And it gets interesting in
> sim, for.... well, a variety of reasons.

We have tried to solve that by requriring a namespace for each robot. In 
our case we use /uav0 , /uav1, /operator0, and so on.

Does it not become confusing if you run without prefix for each robot. 
Then if you forward a pose and prefix it you might on one robot  get the 


and on the other


Is this really the gold standard? We find it more convenient that we on 
all robots get:


Or did you mean that you also translate locally and add prefix?

/Tommy Persson
Linköping University

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