[ros-users] [jobs] Intermodalics is looking for engineers skilled in robotics and computer vision (Meet us @ROSCON!).

Bert Willaert bert.willaert at intermodalics.eu
Mon Sep 28 19:44:05 UTC 2015

Since its inception, Intermodalics’ journey has been an amazing trip in a
varied landscape. We’re solving problems for high-end industries worldwide
and for small businesses in our vicinity. Yet both are depending on
extremely reliable robotic solutions. Numerous technologies are part of
these solutions: 3D vision and reconstruction, 3D robot simulation and
collision checking, real-time robot control, man-safe robotics, fieldbus
deployment or large scale communication networks.* Solving today’s robotic
challenges requires a creative and multi-disciplinary approach. This is
exactly what we love in a proje**ct.*

See our jobs page for more information: http://www.intermodalics.eu/jobs.

Also, the entire Intermodalics team will be present at *ROSCON in Hamburg*.
We are looking forward to meeting interested candidates there!

Bert Willaert, Roboticist
Intermodalics - Kapeldreef 60, 3001 Heverlee - BELGIUM
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