[ros-users] Update to REP 142 - add genjs for Kinetic

Dirk Thomas dthomas at osrfoundation.org
Thu Apr 21 15:48:54 UTC 2016

REP-0142 defines the metapackages for ROS distributions since Indigo. In
Jade we already extended the default message generator with the community
developed one for EusLisp. In the upcoming Kinetic release we want to add
another contribution which generates messages for a native JavaScript
client. Since the new generator is written in Python and requires no
further dependencies the overhead should be minimal. If you're interested
please review the minimal changes to the document and vote up or down (+1
or -1):


We will likely merge the related pull requests to the message generation
soon in order to keep moving forward toward the Kinetic release. But
changes can always be made after that. So please comment on the issue with
feedback any time.

- Dirk
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