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A big +1 from us.  We have been using this for a while and it's a great

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> Dear all,
> We’d like to announce our new Grid Map package, developed to manage
> two-dimensional grid maps with multiple data layers and designed for mobile
> robotic mapping in rough terrain navigation.
> The package is available for ROS Indigo, Jade, and Kinetic and can be
> installed from the ROS PPA.
> After multiple development cycles and use in many projects, the library is
> well tested and stable.
> Please find the source code, documentation, and tutorials here:
> https://github.com/ethz-asl/grid_map
> Features:
> – Multi-layered: Developed for universal 2.5-dimensional grid mapping with
> support for any number of layers.
> –Efficient map re-positioning: Data storage is implemented as
> two-dimensional circular buffer. This allows for non-destructive shifting
> of the map's position (e.g. to follow the robot) without copying data in
> memory.
> – Based on Eigen: Grid map data is stored as Eigen data types. Users can
> apply available Eigen algorithms directly to the map data for versatile and
> efficient data manipulation.
> – Convenience functions: Several helper methods allow for convenient and
> memory safe cell data access. For example, iterator functions for
> rectangular, circular, polygonal regions and lines are implemented.
> – ROS interface: Grid maps can be directly converted to and from ROS
> message types such as PointCloud2, OccupancyGrid, GridCells, and our custom
> GridMap message.
> – OpenCV interface: Grid maps can be seamlessly converted from and to
> OpenCV image types to make use of the tools provided by OpenCV.
> – Visualizations: The grid_map_rviz_plugin renders grid maps as 3d surface
> plots (height maps) in RViz. Additionally, the grid_map_visualization
> package helps to visualize grid maps as point clouds, occupancy grids, grid
> cells etc.
> Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for using the
> package.
> Péter Fankhauser
> PhD Student and Research Assistant
> ETH Zurich
> Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
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