[ros-users] [Discourse.ros.org] [Release/Kinetic] Dynamixel-workbench (the offical package in ROBOTIS) was released for Kinetic

Taehoon Lim ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 02:20:24 UTC 2016

Hi, Everyone :blush:

dynamixel-workbench is dynamixel solution for ROS. This metapackage can help change each address in Dynamixel included id, baudrate and operating mode in command line or GUI. Furthermore, it supports various controllers based on operating mode with Dynamixel SDK. These controllers can be communicated with tutorial packages.

The Dynamixel Workbench metapackage contains four packages: **Single Manager, Controllers, Tutorials, and Toolbox**. The Single Manager package provides a program that can manage the entire Dynamixel series, including Dynamixel, Dynamixel X, and Dynamixel PRO, using the Toolbox library packages and the [Dynamixel SDK](http://wiki.ros.org/dynamixel_sdk). These packages not only show the status of Dynamixel, but also allow you to change Control Table address values via command line or GUI interface. The Controllers package introduces how to employ the Dynamixel on different operating mode with Dynamixel SDK. In addition, the Tutorials demonstrates some straightforward examples by operating Controllers.

If you have any questions or feedbacks for this packages, please feel free to contact to me. :wink: 

Thank you!

WIKI : http://wiki.ros.org/dynamixel_workbench

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