[ros-users] [Jobs] Seeking deep learning expert

Edwin Jarvis jarvis.courier at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 01:02:52 UTC 2016

Small, first-rate, well-funded team seeks deep learning expert to help
build the eyes of the smarthome. Extensive knowledge of deep learning for
computer vision required, as is competence with Linux, C++, and algorithms.
Familiarity with Caffe and distributed systems a plus but not required.

Expect highly talented and interesting coworkers, including the cofounder
of Google Street View and the perception lead from Stanford's self-driving
car. Highly competitive cash and meaningful company ownership included in
compensation. Perks include the usual food and high quality health
insurance, plus the opportunity to do super interesting and impactful
computer vision work.

We're funded by and partnered with Andy Rubin's Playground

Send resume or profile to Edwin Jarvis <jarvis.courier at gmail.com>. Please
include one paragraph describing the coolest thing you have built.
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