[ros-users] Kinetic target platforms and requirements

Esteve Fernandez esteve at osrfoundation.org
Sat Feb 20 00:40:33 UTC 2016

Hi all,

tl;dr If you have time and interest, please take a moment to review
the proposed changes to REP-0003 and vote +1, +0, or -1 for
affirmative, neutral, or negative:



We have been working hard over last month or so to get the ball
rolling on the upcoming Kinetic release of ROS (expected May 2016). To
that end we must decide what platforms to support Kinetic on and what
the minimum requirements for Kinetic should be. We do this by updating
one of the core ROS REP's, REP-0003. We have already put together a
proposed change to REP-0003 which will cover Kinetic and iterated on
it with some of the community.

Please stay tuned for more updates about Jade and the announcement for
general availability of the Kinetic build farm.


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