[ros-users] Next Generation ROS Build Farm Deployed

Tully Foote tfoote at osrfoundation.org
Wed Jan 27 02:03:04 UTC 2016

Hi Everyone,

We’re happy to announce that the ROS build farm has been upgraded and is
now running at http://build.ros.org

This is a rewritten version of the ROS build farm which is now documented
at http://wiki.ros.org/buildfarm with the goal that companies or projects
can run their own instance to leverage the power of the ROS buildfarm for
their own projects. If you are interestedin finding out more please read
through the documentation and join the SIG mailing list

Note, that this design is focused on running a large buildfarm and requires
several computers and some configuration time. However if you are an
individual developer there are several things that are available from the
new deployment which will be of value to you. First we can now support
Github Pull Request integration. Many of you have seen integration like
this via Travis we will be able to support that for indexed repositories.
Secondly we have methods to reproduce all the jobs on the buildfarm
locally. This means that if you get a build failure on the farm you can run
the same code path on your local machine for much faster debugging. Each of
the job types has instructions for reproducing locally linked from here:

We have also put in a lot of time to bring down the rate of false positive
emails. Please pay attention to emails from the buildfarm. If you get an
email which is a false positive please look for or open a ticket at
In some cases the devel jobs passed before but fail now since the new build
farm is stricter. E.g. it performs an install step which it didn’t do
before. Also less packages are being installed by default so not explicitly
declared dependencies might be missing and fail the build now.

The new buildfarm also now has the ability to do more fine grain control of
builds and ask that you please remove any builds that are repeatedly
failing and you do not plan to fix soon. E.g. since rosdistro has been
updated to REP 143 (http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0143.html ) it is now
possible to list a repository as a source entry to make it available via
`rosinstall_generator` but not generate a devel job.

Note, that some email deliveries are currently delayed. We’re working on
improving the timeliness of our email delivery, but right now our server is
being throttled for delivery.

Also for the next few sync cycles our shadow-fixed uploads will be delayed
as we move away from our previous host where we are still staging our
uploads through a manual process.

We’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who’s helped us test this.
Especially our friends at Bosch who deployed our first version.


PS: Some fun facts about the build farm for Indigo and Jade we have 25546
different jobs running on the farm to support all the different packages,
repositories and build types on all the different architectures. 24909 of
those builds are passing with 54 successfully building but failing one or
more unit tests.
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