[ros-users] ROS on Lego Mindstorms EV3

Christian Holl cyborgx1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 17:29:06 UTC 2016

Hi ros-users,

If you are interested in running ROS on the Lego EV3 Brick,
then you might want to checkout my EV3 Yocto Image (alpha) and the node 
I created for it.

Getting Started is here: http://hacks4ros.github.io/h4r_ev3_ctrl/

Sources for the node you can find here:


And the Yocto Layer I created  for it is there:


The node uses ROS Control to initialize and control the joints and read 
You should be able to use the standard ROS Control controllers for 
velocity and position for the joints.

Also I already provided a controller for every EV3 Sensor. The basic 
idea is that
the ev3_manager node runs on the EV3 while ROS Master and everything else
runs on your PC and you load controllers with launch files on your PC.
That's because the EV3 has a tiny RAM so even running ROS Master, seems 
to be too much for it,
and also you do not have to compile software for it.

If you have problems, suggestions or comments visit my Github Repo or 
write me directly.

I hope you have fun with it and it is useful for you.

btw: The ROS packages are done by the meta-ros layer so currently the 
ROS version on the brick is indigo



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