[ros-users] rviz acceptance testing

William Woodall william at osrfoundation.org
Thu Mar 24 23:17:57 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I just released a new version of rviz (1.11.13) into the testing repository
for both Indigo and Jade. There are a lot of new changes in this batch of
releases which I think need to be tested out before syncing the packages to
public where 1.11.10 is current latest version of rviz. You can see the
change list here (starting with 1.11.11 and newer):


I'd appreciate it if some of you brave souls would switch to our testing
repository (aka shadow-fixed, see: http://wiki.ros.org/ShadowRepository) or
build 1.11.13 from source and use it in your daily work. And if you find
anything wrong, please report it on the rviz issue tracker:


If you have trouble getting setup with the testing repository, then please
ask for help on answers.ros.org and make sure to add tags like 'rviz' and
'shadow_repository' to your question.

I think this release is particularly important to test since it is a large
set of changes and because this will probably be the last version of rviz
for EOL Ubuntu distributions like Saucy and Utopic.

Thanks in advance and thanks to everyone that contributed! I hope you all
enjoy the new changes (and excuse any new bugs).

William Woodall
ROS Development Team
william at osrfoundation.org
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