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Do you assume a one-to-one synchronous TLS communication between the nodes using topics for communication (similar to ROS services)?

Well because TLS is sort of a stateful connection, there is a handshaking process, this requires the use of TCP. So essentially all topic, service and parameter level API call in SROS currently use TLS/TCP for the network layer. I am not fully aware of the best methods to do this for UDP based connections, but perhaps someone else might want to interject here about that.

For securing UDP connections, something like [DTLS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datagram_Transport_Layer_Security) could be used.

@ruffsl: you might be interested in the [(Application-level) Security for ROS-based Applications](https://static1.squarespace.com/static/51df34b1e4b08840dcfd2841/t/582442a820099e166efe93ac/1478771378877/ROS-I-Conf2016-day2-03-dieber.pdf) presentation by Bernhard Dieber (Joanneum Research) from the last ROS-Industrial Conference (similar security considerations, but also addressing the `roscpp` side).

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