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ruffsl ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 05:07:26 UTC 2016

I've been debating with some folks about the best method circulating policy restrictions in SROS for enforcing access control. The two of them so far are:
* Decentralized 
 * Certificate Embedding
* Centralized
 * Online Arbiter

I'd like to invite the rest of the community to put forth their own opinion, and so I have started a short wiki entry expanding upon the approaches. Please feel free to reply with your remarks here and/or concisely clarify the comparison on the wiki as you see them:


To be honest I'll admit my bias for Certificate Embedding. 
Not only is this what I've developed in SROS so far, but I also see it as:

 * More Secure
  * Harder to circumvent or exploit
 * Less Invasive
  * Modification can be kept out of client library
 * Autonomous
  * Access control is self contained and validated in TLS

But don't be afraid to play devil's advocate.

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