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Wed Nov 23 19:59:54 UTC 2016

# Update
Additionally, if you would like to cite this work, or read a concise summary of SROS so far, feel free to check out our brief paper from the SROS session during the Towards Humanoid Robots OS workshop at Humanoids 16.

R. White, M. Quigley, and H. Christensen, SROS: Securing ROS over thewire, in the graph, and through the kernel, in Humanoids Workshop: Towards Humanoid Robots OS. Cancun, Mexico, 2016.

* **PDF**: https://arxiv.org/abs/1611.07060
* **Workshop**: [Towards Humanoid Robots OS](https://roboticslab-uc3m.github.io/workshop-humanoids2016/)
* **Bibtex**:

``` bibtex
  title={{SROS}: Securing {ROS} over the wire, in the graph, and through the kernel},
  author = {White, Ruffin and Quigley, Morgan and Christensen, Henrik},
  booktitle={Humanoids Workshop: Towards Humanoid Robots {OS}},
  organization={Cancun, Mexico},}

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