[ros-users] Announcing H-ROS, the Hardware Robot Operating System

Víctor Mayoral Vilches victor at erlerobot.com
Mon Oct 3 08:52:53 UTC 2016

Dear everyone,

I’m delighted to announce a new  standard for building robot components,
H-ROS: the Hardware Robot Operating System. H-ROS provides manufacturers
with the tools for building interoperable robot components that can easily
be exchanged or replaced between robots. In a nutshell, H-ROS is about
supporting a common environment of robot hardware components, where
manufacturers comply with standard interfaces built upon ROS 2.0.

Powered by the popular Robot Operating System (ROS) and built with industry
and developers in mind, H-ROS classifies robot components in 5 types:
sensing — used to perceive the world, actuation — allow interaction with
the environment, communication — provide a means of interconnection,
cognition — the brain of the robot and hybrid — components that group
together different sub-components under a common interface. This
building-block-style parts come as reusable and reconfigurable components
allowing developers, to easily upgrade their robots with hardware from
different manufacturers and add new features in seconds.

H-ROS is now available for selected industry partners and will soon be
released for the wider robotics community. Additional information can be
requested through its official web page at https://h-ros.com/. H-ROS will
also be showcased and presented officially at ROSCon 2016 (October 8th-9th)
in Seoul, South Korea.


*Víctor Mayoral Vilches*
CTO & Co-Founder

*Erle Robotics*
erlerobotics.com | victor at erlerobot.com
+34 616151561
*skype*: v.mayoral
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