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Lukas Bulwahn ros at discoursemail.com
Wed Oct 26 07:47:45 UTC 2016

Dear Javier,

thanks for your reply. From your post, I am confirmed that recipes for the turtlebot are a good starting point. Let's see what others think.

To your question whether to include the recipes in the same meta-ros repository. I would stay with the pragmatic solution to include the recipes in the repository as long as they do not strictly require or modify any global changes in layer's configuration (which I currently do not foresee).
If all recipes are in one repository, it simplifies the configuration management compared to maintaining several repositories that depend on each other. The meta-ros community is not so large after all. Maintaining all content in one repository would not make the content and number of changes so large that we cannot handle the maintenance work efficiently.

Best regards,


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