[ros-users] Hiring Robotics engineers - Auro Robotics (self driving campus shuttles)

Nalin Gupta nalin at aurobots.com
Sat Sep 24 17:47:24 UTC 2016


We are Auro Robotics - SF bay area based start-up developing self driving
shuttles for transportation within campuses, such as university campus,
retirement community and a corporate / business park. Check out

We graduated from Y Combinator last year, piloting 1st version of our
autonomous shuttle at a campus, and are now increasing engineering team for
rapid growth.

We are looking for people who can come in as founding / core team members
(starting 5 employees) of the company and are motivated by 'owning' the

We are hiring for the following positions:

   1. Full stack robotics engineer
   2. Embedded electronics engineer (with experience in Mechatronics)
   3. Full stack software developer
   4. Simulation software developer
   5. Motion / path planning engineer
   6. Deep learning + Perception engineer

Check out https://jobs.lever.co/aurobots?lever-source=ros-users-list for
job description and link for application.

With regards,
Nalin Gupta
Co-founder & CEO  | Auro Robotics
(+1) 408-431-7342  |      LinkedIn
    | www.aurobots.com
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