[ros-users] Announcing the netft_utils package

Andy Zelenak andyz at utexas.edu
Mon Sep 26 21:21:49 UTC 2016


Announcing the netft_utils package


We'd like to announce a new *netft_utils* <http://wiki.ros.org/netft_utils>
package. It provides a C++ interface as well as ROS nodes for ATI
force/torque sensors that are connected to an ATI Netbox. Handy new
features include:

1. specify the rate of data acquistion,

2. set the World tf frame and the Sensor tf frame so forces are
automatically transformed as a robot moves,

3. bias and threshold the sensor
This package builds on the original netft_rdt_driver
<http://wiki.ros.org/netft_rdt_driver> package by Derek King, written in
2008 but not updated since ROS groovy. Alex von Sternberg (formerly of The
University of Texas, now at Los Alamos National Lab) authored the majority
of the changes.

Andy Zelenak
Post-Doctoral Researcher
The University of Texas at Austin
Nuclear Robotics Group
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