[ros-users] Announcing ROSComponents online store

Román Navarro García rnavarro at robotnik.es
Tue Sep 27 14:59:00 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

I'd like to announce a new online store for robots, sensors and components
supported by ROS: https://www.roscomponents.com

*Why ROS-Components?*

In recent years, ROS has become the standard in Service and Research
Robotics, and it’s making great advances in the Industry.

Most of the robots and components in the market support ROS, though
sometimes finding which are really supported, what ROS version they make
use, and how to get them is a difficult task. One of our main purposes is
to make it easier and simpler for the customer, linking the products with
their ROS controllers, explaining how to install and configure them and
showing where to find useful information about them.

All the products in the site are supported by ROS, either available
directly in the ROS distribution or through their source code. The ROS
community has a new meeting point in ROS Components

*ROS as standard*

>From ROS-Components we strongly believe that ROS is and will be the
standard in Robotics for many more years. Therefore we want to encourage
roboticists to use it (whether you are not already doing so) as well as
manufacturers to give support to it.

*Supporting ROS and its Community*

As you know, the ROS core is currently being maintained by the Open Source
Robotics Foundation (OSRF), which is an independent non-profit R&D company
leading the development, maintenance of ROS versions and hosting all the
necessary infrastructure.

>From ROS Components we try to encourage the use of ROS as well as its
maintenance and growth. Therefore we are going to donate part of the
benefits of every sale to the OSRF. So, every time you buy in ROS
Components, you’ll be contributing to the ROS maintenance and development.

Best regards,

Román Navarro

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