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Richard Ni ros.discourse at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 05:39:10 UTC 2017

<p>Were building <a href="https://www.driverless.id/news/video-breakdown-gms-unicorn-cruise-shows-off-level-4-skills-sf-passing-uber-maybe-waymo-0176031/"> the worlds best autonomous vehicles. </a> </p>

<p>We are looking for software engineers to join our autonomous vehicle team to work on a variety of teams, including path planning, controls & optimization, perception (prediction, tracking, lidar segmentation), computer vision, mapping, and special projects</p>

<li>Design and develop complex, highly scalable, and latency-optimized software in C++</li>
<li>Invent, extend, design and develop next-generation features for self-driving car applications</li>
<li>Improve and deliver reliable software through continuous integration, automated testing and code reviews</li>
<li>Design and implement tracking algorithms</li>

<p>To apply to this listing, click <a href="https://jobs.lever.co/cruise/e3692938-59c2-4de0-af58-6caaac7b83b2?lever-source=ru"> here </a></p>

<p>For all of our openings, click <a href="https://jobs.lever.co/cruise/"> here </a></p>

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