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John B ros.discourse at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 02:04:48 UTC 2017


Two thumbs up!  this is so cool.

What are you using for GPS's?  I know you've played with NVS, Piski, etc. 

I have a couple Emlid reach units.  did some testing this weekend using 1 reach with NTRIP CORS VRS corrections provided by Ohio Dept of Transportation.  The Reach unit would only hold rtk fix for 2-3 min, then drop into float and take 2-5 min to get back to fix.

This isn't good enough for future autosteer as when it changes modes, the position would also shift 20-30 cm.

i was amazed on my simple setup that when the system was in RTK fix, I could easily stay within about 6" of target.  This is the first time a low cost lightbar type of system (using AgOpen) has shown promise.  My goal is to move to autosteer by next year.  (of the fall with the combine if things come together).

Right now, I'm targeting a mechanical system as all equipment is too old or too small to have factory valves and I can't financially justify adding electronic steering valves.  targeting one unit I can move around.

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