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Mon Aug 14 17:37:23 UTC 2017

[quote="asmodehn, post:4, topic:2405"]
Before doing contracts, I would first focus on proper, static (since message structure is static), strong, typing (despite the default weak/dynamic typing of the supported languages, it is doable using existing libraries, like for C++ and Python - and even LISPs).

I am interested in this topic as well. But I would prefer to discuss only DbC in this thread. If you can convince me that I prioritize it higher than DbC I will be with you ;)

[quote="asmodehn, post:4, topic:2405"]
- erlang VM integration ( ROS messages as a port, communicating with speed number crunching C++ code, and able to use the erlang VM for all the distribution concerns ) - especially for ROS1.

This does not fit into this thread as well but what is the benefit of erlang VM integration?

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