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Thu Aug 17 07:14:05 UTC 2017

[quote="gbiggs, post:13, topic:2405"]
This relates to the way the message definition language is used in ROS. It defines data types, not node interfaces. Contracts are much more likely to be specific to node interfaces than to the messages, which are intended to be generic and highly reusable. Because ROS doesnt currently have a node interface definition language, there is not yet a suitable place to specify contracts.

Unfortunatelly that ist exactly what I found out looking into the ROS2 sources. One could add deadlines for topics that (a) do not change or (b) do change over node runtime they could be defined via the rmw C API which wrapps the dds DynamicData API or the statically generated dds functionality from the IDL definitions. However as you said: The interface considers the aspects of the Message description languages IDL only, not a node description language. And a node description language would be required to add functionality which would be most benefitial.

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