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Meriem Aarizou ros.discourse at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 20:28:23 UTC 2017

Hello everyone!
during this year I was working on optimizing the bandwidth consumption during a web-based remote manipulation in ROS with tf2_web_republisher. The internet connection is limited here in Algeria and we couldn't perform a smooth remote manipulation on a robot, so the idea was to reduce the amount of TF sent from the manipulation server (remote site) to web client. I was able o reduce over 70% of bandwidth consumption with the same effective result as by tf2_web_republisher. I experimented my algorithm on pioneer mobile robot P3-DX and on the 07Dof robot arm Cyton_gamma_300. Now I intend to publish my results on an international review, the problem is I can not find a journal that accepts these kind of work for reviews, it's either: "there's no reviewer for ROS development" or "my work is not a general contribution in robotics" or "a contribution on an open source tool is not useful"! I would like to find an internation jounral indexed on scopus (or ISI thomson) which is not Ope
 n access and has more than five years, I know this is nonsense, but these are the criteria of my faculty. Can anyone help me please. I'll be grateful to all of you, thank you in advance!

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